Commons auf dem 11. Weltsozialforum

Die Planungen für das 11. Weltsozialforum stehen an. Dieses Mal findet es in der senegalesischen Hauptstadt statt. Die Gemeingüter stehen seit dem 9. Weltsozialforum auf der Tagesordnung des WSF. Die Diskussion zur Vorbereitung von Dakar ist nun angelaufen und wurde auf der Internationalen Commonskonferenz voran getrieben. Der Stand der Dinge kann fortan  auch auf dem Commonsblog des WSF Aktivisten weiterverfolgt werden.

Das Strategiekommitee des WSF hat heute grünes Licht signalisiert. Jetzt geht es an die Umsetzung. Hier die Zusammenfassung unseres Vorschlags.

The World Social Forum and the World Forum on Science and Democracy will be two opportunities for the commoners to interact with other civic and social movements.

The World Forum on Science and Democracy (WFSD) will be held on February the 4th and 5th. Its objective is twofold:

  • to question the functionning of the scientific institutions and funding (science and technology political orientation, means of production of knowledge, independence for scientists…) and
  • to promote alternatives considering Science as a commons (open archives, open educational resources, open scientific publication, open data…)

The issues proposed by some commoners are the following:

  • Struggles for the Knowledge Commons: open science, diversity in the production of knowledge, alliances …
  • How do researchers address the elaboration of the notion of commons and the analysis of populare experiences

The World Social Forum (on February the 7th and 11th) is a place to built a larger political debate and discussion and to move towards a politization of the commons paradigm, as well as to further discuss a shared strategy by activists and social movements.

Some questions we suggest for the WSF:

  • How to design the welfare state at the age of commons ?
  • How do the Rights of Mother Earth and the Commons approach complement each other in re-designing international solidarity?
  • What about popular education in the commons context?
  • How are political processes and governance transformed by citizens and commoners in the era of the commons?
  • What are the consequences, changes and opportunities for social movements?
  • What role does economic actors play in the commons (free software, foundations, corporations, mutualism, local solidarity economic actors, …) at global and local levels?
  • What role does the commons play regarding the consequences of the exploitation of natural resources (war, slave-work, environmental diseases, destruction of cultural patrimony, …) ?
  • What kind of structures do social movements need, and what task will they have to assume to be able to interlink their commons-thinking and experience?

If other commons-initiatives are prepared for Dakar we would like to stay in touch and coordinate with them.

A mailing list has been created. Anyone can register at:

This space for discussion is wide open to all women and men who wish to exchange their ideas and experiences of the commons for social and political change. The discussion list is moderated for non-registered and non moderated for registrants. The archives are accessible to registered people. We do not want that languages will be an obstacle to participate, but we are not able to provide a systematic translation of the discussions. So we recommend using preferably English, French or Spanish in the list.

This list is hosted by VECAM, you can contact the moderators by sending an e-mail to:

This proposal was made with the input from Rosa Acevedo, Alain Ambrosi, Genevieve Azam, Michel Bauwens, David Bollier, Nicola Bullard, Beatriz Busaniche, Silke Helfrich, Wojtek Kalinowski, Gaelle Krikorian, Hervé Le Crosnier, Heike Loeschmann, Olivier Petitjean, Valerie Peugeot, Simon Emmanuel Roux, Miguel Said Vieira, Frédéric Sultan.

If you wish to take part in this discussion in order to prepare for Dakar, join us.

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