Logic of the Market and Logic of the Commons (Chart)

A shorthand comparison of their core beliefs:

I love the remixes of our work. Even more if done on the other end of the world. Literally. The following is an infografic of my The Market vs. the Commons chart, as published in Wealth of the Commons (German version here).

It will be published in the Freerange Journal Vol. 7: The Commons, together with an excerpt of of David Bollier’s intro-essay „The Commons as a Transformative Vision“. The Journal will be launched soon in Christchurch, New Zealand. Here is the standalone infografic (click on):

Logic of the Market and the Commons Chart

Many thanks to Joe and the Freerange crew from Wellington/NZ.

Pd: Peter Law produced a prezzi presentation about our introduction into „The Wealth of the Commons„.

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