Commoners of Europe. Rise up!


On 17th of May, a demonstration for the commons and against privatizations and austerity took place in Rome. During the European action days, 10 thousands of people (some sources even talk about 30 thousands) took the streets to reaffirm the necessity of a “common management of the commons”, against mega-infrastructure projects and environmental devastation and for the right to the city.

Have a look.


Actually, I guess in Italy there is the most vital and active commons movement of our continent. And they are soooo creative. Just have a look at this one, calling for a demonstration in Siena a few days ago: rough translation:

I’ll apply the commons-therapy: .

Add beauty                       +

Subtract destruction        –

Multiply the energies     x

and Divide (share)           ÷


= this operation is convenient for me!

Mi prendo cura


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