Towards a World Citizen’s Movement. Connecting the Dots.

Well, I will be travelling to Tunis, planned not to go to the World Social Forum this year, but it turned out to be different. I’ll be participating as a speaker, co-learner and co-creater in this event, contribute to connect the circles (while always reflecting upon which conceptual basis):


Global Conference 2015: Connecting the Circles

It is third and last Global Conference that helps building a World Citizens’ Movement;  an ongoing effort for more than 2 years with two successful global conferences in Johannesburg in 2013 and 2014. The organizers are: GCAP, CIVICUS, CONCORD/DEEEP and FnWG.

For all those of you who will be in Tunis these days (which is a way to show our solidarity to tunisian ppl. and stand together against terrorism) -> join this  space for innovation, creativity and transformation and shape the future of the Movement with us!




The Global Conference will be held on 25th and 26th March in the framework of the World Social Forum. The first day of the event is dedicated to an open assembly which anyone interested can attend without registration. The second day, a closed strategy workshop “Towards a World Citizens Movement” is organized and only a limited number of participants can take part. Here is the final concept note. And here you can read the “Story of the Movement”, a story-based report of the 2013 conference.

If you cannot join us in Tunis,  watch the livestreaming of the 2 following sessions (the first one is where I’ll take part in for Commons StrategIES Group -> there is no such thing as one strategY :-))
Webinar Global MovementTalks

  • Wednesday 25th March – from 9.15 to 10.50 [UTC+1] “Bridging the gap between NGOs and Social Movements“.

A hopefully honest discussion between NGOs and social movements, including Jai Naidoo (GAIN), Bayo Akomolafe (International Alliance for Localisation), Ashish Kothari (Kalpavriksh), Silke Helfrich (Commons Strategies Group) and many other distinguished guests.

Well, as for me: I’ve been part of both, NGOs and grassroots and I never appreciated nor NGO-  nor grassroot bashing. Need to make up my mind on how to approach the issue which I think is crucial. A text I’ve recently edited on the Shack Dweller’s Movement based on Frantz Fanon’s thinking will help me a lot to approach the issue.

  • Wednesday 25th March – from 15.00 to 17.00 [UTC+1] “World Citizens Movement: what is to be done?“.

Exchange on strategic directions for the Movement, including Richard Sanders (Great Transition Initiative), Jean Rossiaud (Forum for a New World Governance), Nomvula Dlamini (CDRA), Rosa Lizarde (Feminist Task Force), John Hillary (STOP TTIP) and many others.

These sessions will be visible from a blogpost (video directly embed) which will be posted on the homepage of this website on 25th March from Tunis.

Follow this space closely and keep an eye on Twitter too with #WorldCitizensMovement.


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