Robin Hood Co-op: Hacking Finance for The Commons

If I got it right: Robin Hood Co-Op is designed to die. In other words: the more successful it is, the less it’s needed, the better. Such an agony would not be a problem for the project.

From the Grey Paper: of the digital Robin Hooders, what they are doing is…
„…placing within capital markets a data mining-algorithm whose strategy is to locate, track, and replicate the moves of financial markets’ most successful actors, Robin Hood had engineered a funding cipher to capture a portion of the surplus circulating within financial markets, to siphon into mutual equity-sharing and equity-building applications.“

To be clear: Taking money out of the market and shifting it into the commons is not about ethical investment. It is just about repurposing (through a hack) the way the world of finance works. It’s about making the commons sphere more independent from the market, through an ongoing process of decoupling giving and taking -> the money taken out of the market will be/is donated to commons projects and thereby reduce their needs to „make money for the commons“ through equivalent exchange.

In fact, isn’t everything about rethinking and repurposing the means we have, at least during the Great Transition? And isn’t this a powerful way to change power relations?

So, the interesting conceptual point here is NOT, how many commons projects can be financed, but what kind of tools, platforms, organizational forms and frameworks help to siphon (i.e. revert the historical trend of the last 300 years) resources from the commodified world to the commons. And: what does the project do to protect their „market parasite“ from reconverting into a commons parasite (I need to digg deeper into the documents)

Watch the Video! What do you think?

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