City of Commons – Mitten in Berlin?

An Urban Reconnaissance workshop with Ogino: Knauss 

(deutsche Version verlinke ich sobald vorhanden)

“The city is a commonwealth, a collaborative environment based on shared resources, free knowledge and collective practices. “Commoning” is a constitutive process of urban organization, establishing and reproducing communities, and defining boundaries, protocols and principles of distribution. Urban commons are hybrid institutions for the management of material and relational resources subject to exhaustion, obsolescence and expropriation; they must be constantly cared for, reclaimed and regenerated”.

This definition of city is one of the 64 assembled in the Exercises in Urban Reconnaissance methodological toolbox. It will be the starting point for workshop exploring the identity and potential resources of the Südliche Friedrichstadt area in Berlin. This is the first appointment of a module of six workshops of urban reconnaissance.



NOTE: Participation limited to 20 persons!

Wednesday, October 26

  • 19 pm – 23 pm: Commons in Practice, Switch On Mehringplatz #1

Introduction and conversation with Silke Helfrich. The discussion will challenge the idea of commons in the practice (hope participants are not too challenging 😉 . We will focus on the contextual urban reality where we are situated to discuss how “commoning” can provide concrete tools for improving the collective capacity to shape and manage neighborhoods and promote more just and sustainable economies.


  • What is an urban commons in practice?
  • Should we understand the city in itself as a commons?
  • Do commons oriented economies represent feasible alternatives to capitalist models?

Such questions will be discussed with Silke Helfrich on October 26th

Thursday, October 27

  • 10 am: URlab introduction and definition of the itinerary
  • 12 am: Urban walk (lunch break in the neighborhood)
  • 16.30 pm: wrap-up and finalization of the lab results

The urban reconnaissance is a methodology developed by Ogino Knauss to disentangle the complexity of factors determining urban form and identity. It is based on a matrix of 64 different definitions of the word “city”, each one completed by a related exercise of spatial assessment. The UR toolbox is employed for a steady activity of workshop and urban explorations stressing the necessity of a holistic multidisciplinary approach for the comprehension of urban issues.

The activities will take part at Supermarkt, Mehringplatz 9, 10969 Berlin

Participation to the events is free but places are limited to 20, Reserve please at:

2 Gedanken zu „City of Commons – Mitten in Berlin?

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  2. Cities are in primary parasitic concentrations and can be never the motor of a movement for the principles of the commons. This independent that we find also in cities people with the perspectives of living in an commons based cooperative environment.
    But we have to understand the limits. And to understand the negative forces from the cities.
    greetings, willi
    Asuncion, Paraguay

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