Great Commoner’s Mind in US TV

Thom Hartmann Gives the Commons Some Rare National Visibility, writes my fellow commoner David Bollier, and he goes on:

„Yesterday evening, Thom Hartmann, the progressive talk show host, interviewed me on his „Conversations with Great Minds“ national TV show.  The first 12-minute video segment can be seen here, and the second one here.

[update Oct.1.]: Our colleagues from Keimform offer both videos on the same page🙂


I don’t think the commons has ever had this much airtime on American (cable) television.
A big salute to Thom for hosting this kind of material on his show. He is a rare creature on American TV and radio — an intelligent progressive willing to give airtime to ideas from outside the Washington, D.C. echo chamber. Since the retirement of Bill Moyers, there are very few American TV personalities who actually read history, understand how it informs contemporary politics, and give sympathetic exposure to movement struggles seeking social and economic transformation.“

Great intro into the commons and especially the second part gives you a good idea of David’s assessment of what’s going on in the Commons world in – and above all beyond – politics (not surprisingly, it’s more dynamic in Europe than in the USA). Needless to say, that I am happy to see our book, Patterns of Commoning, on Hartmann’s desk and in front of the cameras.

Congrats David!

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