The Urban Commons Cookbook

There are only 4 more days to go to support this project: The Urban Commons Cookbook, a proposal by the Urban Research Group.

What makes urban commons projects, from community gardens to housing collectives, successful or not?  What should I consider when starting a commons project? What are some challenges that similar projects faced and how did they solve them? What are some methods I can use to improve trust and cooperation? These are some of the main questions that the Urban Commons Cookbook will address.  In short: A project to bridge the gap between practioners and scholars, very much needed indeed.

Pledge 20€ to the campaign to get your hard copy. Or support with less or more (as your purse sees fit). But remember:  The campaign ends March 9th!

Urban Commons

More information: here !

If you want to see where it comes from, have a look at the 2015 publication “Urban Commons: Moving beyond State and Market” with real-world insights, usable tips, and tested methods for creating and maintaining commons from real urban commons projects


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