Recent Landmarks in the Growing Commons Movement

[published in StirMagazin/issue 4 and illustrated by HeyMonkeyRiot; spotlighting some of the more significant commons-related events that have occurred in the past few years] As long as human societies exist, so do the commons, embodied in very diverse social practices. As form of governance, they have endured longer than any State in human history. Nonetheless, […]

Take-aways from Economics & the Commons Conference (II)

The Economics and the Commons conference triggered many reactions.  As the debates about how to move forward they will be documented on the Conference Communication Platform. What I want to do here is simply collect a few post-conference reactions from participants, with their insights or ideas I’d love to keep in mind. So it’s like […]

The Commons: Year One of the Global Commons Movement

As promissed I finally post my speech (full length) for the Burning Ice Un-Economic Summit. The text includes a table contrasting the logic of the market with the logic of the commons. Comments welcome! And this is the presentation. If you open it, you’ll get to know Nessi! Special thanks to Gina P. The Commons: […]