Commons: Non-exclusivity by design

This is the post-conference video, that the wonderful team of Remix the Commons together with Gazibo produced as a round-table with Commons Strategies Group, that is: with Michel Bauwens, David Bollier and me.  We were asked to: talk about the most surprising thing during the whole conference identify one single idea discussed at the conference […]

Commons, Territoriality and Procommunal Ethos vs Commodity Consensus

Maristella Svampa, from Argentina, has an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and a PhD in Sociology from Paris‘ École d’Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales. She is researcher at the National Center for Scientific and Technical Research in Argentina. Maristella considers herself an „amphibious intellectual“. She delivered one of the two keynotes at the ECC conference on […]

Commoning or Commoneering. WTF?

David Bollier suggests to „nip in the bud“ (for non native-speakers: stopping something in its early stages like a plant whose bud is starting to blossom) a term that popped up at the Economics and the Commons Conference: COMMONEERING. When, during our evaluation session on May 25th, I asked for the difference between commoneering and […]

Towards a Commons Creating Peer Economy

I was honoured to give an introductory talk for Commons Strategies Group on the Economics and the Commons Conference (May 22 – 24, 2013, Berlin). The talk was prepared together with my fellow commoner David Bollier. It suggests some elements for the self-understanding and identity of the commons movement and introduces the notion and the […]