Charter for Building a Data Commons for a Free, Fair and Sustainable Future

Nations-States rely on constitutions. Common(er)s find common ground through a Charter. If you are part of the co-creation of a powerful Data Commons – through mapping, coding, data modelling or other activities – this is for you. It is an fundamental building-block for online and offline cooperation. The following is version 0.6 of what has […]

There are Thousands of Alternatives. We will make them visible.

Launch of Transformap: There are Thousands of Alternatives. We will put them on a Single Map! Transformap-Workshop 4th International Degrowth Conference  September 3rd, 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm, Leipzig University, S 328 TRANSFORMAP A network of about 50 individuals and organizations – from civil society, science and social business in Germany and Austria – invites […]

Mapping the Alternatives: Kiezmap

Wenn wir schon die eine haben, brauchen wir auch die Andere: die #GroKo von #P2P #Quishare #Solök #Commons #Degrowth #DIY #Maker #a2k #FLOSS #TT #GWÖ & vielen, vielen mehr. Von allen, die Freiheit, Nachhaltigkeit und Fairness zusammendenken können oder wollen. Die GroKo einer anderen Ökonomie. Derzeit arbeiten viele der oben genannten Netzwerke oder Szenen an […]